Sizes: 2 x 3 , 2.5 x 4 , 2 x 6 , 3 x 5 , 4 x 6 , 5 x 8 , 6 x 9 , 7 x 10 , 8 x 10 , 9 x 12 , 10 x 14 ft (Khorjin rugs)

Price : 110$ per meter


Our Fine Afghan Khorjin Rugs are from a small production in Afghanistan, handcrafted by highly skilled weavers.

The pile of these Afghan Rugs is hand-knotted and made from hand-spun wool. The dyes are natural. It is a wonderful hard wearing quality.

The designs found in the Khorjin range are inspired by the patterns from ancient tribal bags. Sometimes this takes the form of a design on either end of the rug with a dividing section of stripes. On an actual saddle-bag this striped area would be made from kilim/flat weave, these rugs however are all pile.

We have a breathtaking range of sizes available, including Khorjin Square Rugs, Khorjin Runners and Khorjin Carpets.


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